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The are mainly used on pressure tanks, mixer, etc.
Among the main products that across the years have enriched Interforgia's production range arise: Parts for valves Collars, rings and sleeves for tyre protection chains used in the mines Blades for hydraulic cutter used in rescue operations Parts for electrical power lines Supports for wind turbines
Not to be confused with the most common entire flanges, the split flanges are composed of two half flanges assembled with bolts and nuts. This product used together with the pipe-flanges is a practical and efficient junction system for the piping, aim of frequent maintenance works and/ or inspection. Their use eliminates the need to cut and re-weld the pipes in the maintenance work and in some cases they act as reinforcement for the pipes with weakened areas. They are manufactured in different kinds of steels and they are supplied provided with the certificate EN 10204 3.1 or EN 10204…
Intended as closing system for pressure tanks, the clamps offer more advantages than the traditional closing system with screws and bolts. In the design phase of the tanks the use of clamps avoids the drilling on the flange for the housing of the screws thus allowing to reduce the cover thickness without compromising the technical features for the closing. In particular the speed to assemble and disassemble ensures shorter times both during installation of the tank and in the phase of maintenance and/ or inspection of the same. Clamps are manufactured with carbon, alloy or stainless steel in a wide…

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